Crazy Story Pt 1.

Early this Saturday morning, Nickolai’s phone is ringing excessively. Anxious to ignore it, Nik tapped the side button so it can stop vibrating, and attempted to go back to sleep. “BUZZ, BUZZ” her phone is ringing again, so she decides to answer. “Baby girl wassup?” She asked, with an attitude. Mackenzie knew how important sleep was to Nik. She screams “BABE, we HAVE to talk like right now…” Anxious, Nickolai rubs her eyes and begins to tune into what shes going to say next.

“So Babe……… umm actually let me FaceTime you. I know we are suppose to hang out today but I want to see your face right NEOWWW.” Mac turns the phone call into a FaceTime call, and Nik, anxious, nervous and at this point jittering, answers immediately. “Aight baby girl, I’ma need you to speed this up for real, you are making me nervous. Are we having a baby or something?!” Nik says jokingly, for she is a girl and how would that be possible. Mac laughs and says “no baby, but you can put a baby in me one day.” Nik bites her lip, and tells Mac to spit it out. “Alright so babe, Brandon knows about us…….” Nik drops the phone, sits up slightly against her pillows, clears her throat, and picks the phone back up. All of a sudden she is hot, and her palms are clammy. “So like, what did he say? And, how the hell did you let that happen babes, you never slip. Be honest, was it on purpose?” Nik was slightly agitated, not because Mac’s boo found out about the two of them, but because she knew Mac had the okay to be dealing with her, and the circumstances was for him not to know who Mac is or the details of their relationship.

“Babyyyyyy pleaseeeeeeeeee” exclaimed Mac. “I’m actually in front of your house, can you come get me please?” Nickolai looked at the phone, and said “give me three minutes, you know I’m on the 8th floor and the elevator is very slow.” Nickolai lived in downtown Miami. She finally got the penthouse she yearned for after working very hard as an in-home chef. Mackenzie and Nickolai met when she catered for Mac’s best friends wedding. Mac was in charge of ensuring the wedding went well, so in the midst there was a spark between the two and things have been joyful since.

Nickolai was openly and visibly agitated at this point. She got off of her bed, made it slightly so it could look half decent, then went to the elevator. As the elevator door opened, Mac was standing right there with flowers and two rolled splif’s. “Hmmm, clearly she fucked up if shes bringing gifts.” Nik thought. Mackenzie also had a bag, which consisted of two breakfast sandwiches. She awkwardly got into the elevator and went to kiss Nik as a greeting, but Nik swerved her. She was very confused about what was going on. “Babe! Oh my gosh, give me a kiss.” said Mac, but Nik ignored her. Nik knows herself so she kept quiet. “Baby how did you even get inside of the building?” Asked Nik, puzzled. “Well, someone was coming out and the desk guy let me through since he knows I come here often for you.” Nik shook her head, then smirked and said “its looking like I’m gonna have to let him know to call me first before letting you in.” jokingly. Mackenzie pushed Nik playfully, “I will burn this building down, play with fire if you want.” Nickolai laughed and said “After you.” The elevator finally made it to the eighth floor.

Nickolai watched as Mackenzie walked in front of her, mentally paralyzed by how her body swayed perfectly. Nik was turned on but did not want to indulge until she knew what Mac had to tell her. Nik opened the door to let Mac in, then walked in after her and locked the door. The moment Nik turned around, Mac jumped on her. Catching her, Nik says “babe, I need you to talk to me before I fuck you angrily then kick you out.” Mac, turned on, kissed Nik on the forehead and said “okay well before we eat, bring us to the couch so I can tell you.” Nickolai walked the two of them to the couch and sat down, still having Mackenzie in her arms but sitting on top of her. Mac looked at Nik, staring deeply into her eyes, then grabbed her face and began the story.

“So babe, I slipped up. I had to use the bathroom badly so I jumped up and went but left my phone. As I’m using it, I realized my phone is unlocked and in our messages…. I just sat there because I knew he saw what we were talking about..” cutting Mac off, Nik says “what were we talking about at the time?!” Nik was obviously upset and aggravated; she slightly yelled but caught herself. Mac noticed her aggravation and grabbed the sides of her stomach, then kissed her on the chin, attempting to cool her down. “Babe, look at me…” Nik was upset, but one thing about Mac, she could calm her down. Nik looked up.. “babe… okay so can you just like breath please? I really do not want you getting worked up…” Deep breathing, Nik calmed down. “Alright babe, finish what you were sayin’.” “Okay” says Mac, “well, we were talking about how you would take me down if I was into girls. He didn’t see the context; remember we were talking about what if’s that time? Yeah, so he saw it out of context, and when I came back into the room he blatantly said ‘can I watch you guys have sex?’” Mac look at Nik, who was shocked. Nik’s eyebrows lowered, then she licked her lips “I meannnnnnnn” as she began to explain. She said to Mac he can watch as long as he keeps his hands and dick to himself.

Mac gave her a devious look, which turned Nik on. Nik said to her “so he wasn’t mad, just curious about watching us do the stuff??” Mac goes “Yea, seriously. Even I was surprised. I made sure of his intentions; he said he wants to see me deal with a girl, just so he could play with his dick.” Nickolai, shocked but mentally with it, laughed, then let Mackenzie know that although the outcome is random, she is down for the get down. Mac grabbed Nik’s face, kissing her deeply and intimately. Nik grabbed her by her sides, pulling her closer, kissing her back aggressively. As Mac bit Nik’s bottom lip tenderly, a quiver went down Nik’s body. Mac, in tune with Nik’s body language knew what to do next……

- Part 2 coming soon




Everyone Loves a Short Story 🗞

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Makai Parker ✨

Makai Parker ✨

Everyone Loves a Short Story 🗞

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